2 Ways To Get His Attention

Whether you are dating, single or married I have something is going to bless you. These are two quick easy statements that will let a man know that you value them. That’s important because if you’re single and you’re looking to initiate a relationship (ladies I know you want us guys to step up to the plate) here are two statements that you can use to let that man know that you value their friendship. It might even open the door to something more. If you are dating or you’re married these same two statements can be used to let a man know that you value them.

First Tip: Men go where they feel competent. Men go where they feel needed and where their skills are valued. For example, “weightlifters” will lift weights and will skip cardio, but “runners” will continue to practice running but neglect lifting. This is because men go where they feel competent.

So, the first statement is ….

“I could really use your help with something…”

It could be anything!

  • Moving
  • Carrying something heavy
  • Opening a jar
  • Fixing your car
  • Homework
  • Etc

Again, it doesn’t matter what it is. The point is if you allow a man to serve you they will feel competent and valued and that is a great way to help that relationship to flourish.

Married Folk: Ask your husband to help you (even if you could possibly do it yourself). We love helping! We like feeling like our skills are being put to good use. (S/N: We also like some other things that we’ve listed here.)

Single Folk: Have a guy that you’re interested in? Need to add positive kindle to a friendship to see if it could go farther? Ask that person to help you with something. It doesn’t have to be weird.

Disclaimer #1: Please avoid the hungry eyes. All you’re doing is you’re just cultivating a little friendship that could flourish into something more. Trust me men go where they feel competent. Men go where they feel valued.

The second phrase is …..

“I really admire ___ about you.”

It could be their honesty, integrity, work ethic, etc.

Disclaimer #2 : You want to stay away from the physical with this one. Mention those characteristics that you admire about that person. Need an example of some characteristics to compliment?

This phrase will encourage them to take that characteristic into their future and possibly into the future with you. (Again, men go where they feel competent.) Avoid the hungry eyes. Don’t try to use this as a manipulation tactic.

Use these phrases to increase the level of friendship that you already share. Statements like this give men the confidence to pursue a deeper friendship with you (and obviously that can turn into something more). So again, this is not manipulation. It is just intentional friendliness (and not that weird kind of friendliness that leads to anything negative but literally just friendship).

Enjoy using these two phrases! Contact us with your results! We’d love to hear how it turns out.

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